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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rocking the Pixie, or, Miss Hepburn, We're Ready for You

Ellie is a hair twirler. It might be just a thing she does, like kids who suck their thumb. The problem is that her hair gets matty and a little wonky looking. So we rock the pixie. Sal cuts it, of course. Here's the thing with kids with ASDs--sometimes haircuts are a no-go. Let's not even get into haircuts in a salon with people chattering and hairblowers going. So what we do is go at the end of day, with no one else getting serviced, after nap. That seems to nip the anxiety nonsense in the bud. Now lest you think I'm just a no-frills hair kind of gal, if the girls would let me do their hair, I'd do it. I am all about the hair dodad. But they won't, so it's short hair for them.

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