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Monday, June 15, 2009

Paging Dr. Wingnut

I went to the Milestones Autism Conference today ( What a terrific event. I was able to enjoy Brenda Smith Myles's presentation and also my old buddy Dr. Wiznitzer's. Dr. Myles does a lot with social curriculum and social skills. I thought she was both funny and spot-on when it comes to stressing the functionality of our children's skills. Dr. W. did an engaging and thorough review of research methods in medicine, particularly as it relates to ASD's. His explanation of why the mercury in thermerosol cannot cause autism was nothing short of amazing in its simplicity.

I love conferences because I find them rejuvenating. Just when I think I am tired of living the ASD parents life I go to one of these events and get excited about learning again. I want to try new techniques with Ellie to help her with her social communication. I want to tell the world, science is good. Science is a gift to us from the Lord. Don't insult Him by embracing voodoo. It will never serve us well.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

All done preschool for now.

Ellie is finished with preschool for the year, and starts communication camp in a few weeks. Here are some snaps from her picnic and the last day of school. She got the award for "Most Cheerful." The twins will attend Gearity next year, and I'm sure they will be as transformed in their own way as the big one.