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Monday, December 22, 2008

Showtime, or, Sometimes we just need our moms

Ellie's class did some songs for the holidays. Parents were invited, so of course I went. She apparently had been fine until I showed up. Funny how moms can wreck a good day without meaning to! I ended up sitting with Ellie while she did her parts. I think I just threw her routine so off that she couldn't regroup. Poor thing! But she did great, and now we're on break. Lord knows I need it too.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I am Special

Ellie's school put on their first little preschool show on December 4. The theme was "winter" (come on now, it's a public school) and Ellie's class sang two songs, "The Friendly Snowman" and "I am Special." Ellie sat next to her teacher, Miss Nicole, and was able to do all the gestures for all the songs. She didn't seem to sing them. Of course, when we got home, she sang both in loud voice, with gestures, and even a little dance. Stage fright must have gummed her up a little. I also showed her the video we made of the performance and now she calls it "Ellie's show." She likes to watch it before nap and name all the friends she sees in it.
This week, Ellie was also the "Soaring Star" at school. I made a poster of all her favorite things (Thomas the Tank, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Sid the Science Kid, plus photos of the Children's Museum, Farmpark, the Zoo and Turtle Park) and the family. Her teachers said she was able to talk about her poster and just loved having it in the room. She is so awesome. This is what hard work brings--success.