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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Everyone likes a dance party

...especially when it involves cupcakes and the old school Sesame Street playhouse, which nobody else has, because it's from 1973.
I often have to create space for Ellie to have social interactions with other children and little dance parties are the way to do it. She often deals with these friends on her own terms--making up little chase games, some parallel play (but she'll gladly accept play extensions now, even if it includes another child)....I don't expect any of my friends' kids to be Ellie's "best friend." That may not be possible for either of them. I would like them to accept her for who she is and respond with to her with sensitivity. The only way I can see that happening is activities likes this one, where the kids can snack, we'll blow bubbles for them (in the house!) and we can jam to some fun music. Ellie said repeatedly yesterday that she had fun. Who's to say she didn't? And that these experiences are training her brain for future endeavors in an inevitably social world?