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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Twist Tie

Ellie's only "bad" habit (other than bursting into our room at 6 am lately to "snuggle"...I appreciate the sentiment but not the hour) is twisting her hair. She does it when she's nervous, or a little overstimulated. Admittedly, she gave herself a bald spot, which Sally Zarlinga and I nipped in the bud by giving her a pixie. Less to grab, less to twist. She still tries, tho, as is evidenced by this snapshot from dinner. She was happy, eating chicken, "!", brown bread and mashed taters. Some kids bite their nails, or suck their thumbs. This, too, shall pass. PS. The chocolate smear on her sleeve is from Asher Baskind's birthday cupcake. The red spot on her other arm is her world-famous boo boo. Emma tries to hug Ellie's arm every day and whispers, "Boo boo. Boo boo arm Ellie." As bad as it looks, this girl took it in stride. Who's to say kids like her can't roll with it?

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