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Monday, February 8, 2010

Why the Wakefield retraction matters to me, even if people are still idiots

So what I thought would never happen has happened....The Lancet formally retracted the Wakefield study. It did so citing a variety of methodological flaws in the paper, including issues surrounding the randomness of the subjects, ethical issues surrounding consent/assent, and poor data interpretation. Immediately the conspiracy machine cranked up, led in part by Jenny Mac and her band of nonthinkers, who allege that Dr. Wakefield's work is being suppressed by Big Pharma. There's really nothing to be said about Jenny anymore...she is a True Believer, and her science is her child. The rest of us, however, can sleep better at night knowing that somebody, somewhere, stood up and said, Enough. We have brains. Let's use them.

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