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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I don't know why I'm shocked

I have to share with you a few things that people post on the Autism Speaks web forums. Really, I couldn't make this stuff up.

Let's take a look at this one. Mumps can only cause sterility, in males, if they catch the illness after puberty. So an easy way of preventing sterility from mumps is making sure that children have mumps when they are children, not when they are teenagers and adults. Does the vaccine prevent mumps in teenagers and adults? Judging by the large outbreaks of this illness in the last few years in the U.S. and the U.K., not it does not.Of course, even if a male someone does catch mumps as a teenager or adult, sterility is fairly unlikely. I'll give a virtual lollipop to each searcher who finds a properly documented case study of sterility following mumps. For example, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had mumps as a teenager at Groton, along with lots of other fun stuff like whooping cough. And here is the trivia question of the day: how many children did he father?Gotta add that tetanus is NOT a communicable disease, so mass outbreaks, even in the absence of vaccination would be a very difficult achievement. No one ever got tetanus from a cough or a sneeze!

So this person believes that
1. We should allow children to get the mumps rather than the vaccine
2. Risking sterility as a result of the mumps is preferable to getting the vaccine, because this person believes the vaccine causes autism. We all know it doesn't, but go with me here.
3. Getting tetanus is also preferable than getting vaccinated for it. Obviously, this person needs a lesson or two in communicable diseases, as tetanus is obviously not transmitted through respiratory spray. But then again, I don't know if this person can spell spray, let alone respiratory.

Another one!

i just wanted to say, i read jennys other book the other day mother warriors, good book, i love how she writes her books, keeps ya interested. i didnt watch the videos al posted i dont think there was any purpose watching them in my eyes i know both sides the hating and the loving, but just wanted to say that i read her book, and saw where she wrote she didnt cure her son of autism she just recovered him which was glad she worded that in words as she told barbara on the view.

I'm sorry, was this English? I blanked there for a minute. Another round?

That is just the way some people are going to be. Argue about something they know nothing about. They keep spreading misinformation about vaccines, diseases. The ND crew will always have a nice little uneducated cult following based on fear mongering. In fact, biomed is grounded in science. If they don't want to help with all of their kids issues because of their close-mindedness, that is up to them and to the detriment of the kids. Sad really. You can tell they don't post to help anyone, just to try and argue about something they don't understand. So be it.

This is from the same woman who alleges that

Well I don't know about mumps but apparently with the measles, something like 90% of the cases were exposed from overseas by being in contact with people who were somehow. I mean think of how the swine flu has made it all over the place. It seems you are assuming that he was infected by an unvaccinated child but that may hardly be the cases at all. Some viruses mutate a lot like the flu but others don't mutate as readily. However if they did, that would make me question the efficacy of every vaccine altogether like I do the flu. Apparently according to a couple of sites, the mumps virus mutates very slowly. So of course at anytime a virus could mutate to wipe a bunch of folks out and a vaccine would do nothing. However, mumps is not one of those super deadly viruses as I have read, but there can be complications from it to watch for. Thats the spot we always find ourselves in. Heck, scientists could splice and make a new super virus and it could get out. You just never know. Make sure he is getting lots of vitamin c and fresh fruits and veggies and no sugary treats. Olive leaf extract is a natural antiviral in case you ever want to have something to help kick viruses. Also is colloidial silver.

Ever wonder why it's so hard to make real progress in scientific and medical (not BIOmedical) research? Because of people like this. People who loves them the voodoo. People who get their Ph.D.s in Googling and then purport to be experts in immunology, bacteriology, histology, virology, pediatrics.....everybody is in on the conspiracy. Everybody is being paid by Big Pharma. Heck, I've been accused of being a Big Pharma "plant"! Any doctor who gets a grant from any pharmaceutical company is automatically discredited. Anybody who doesn't get drink the Kool-Aid is "misinformed."

And one more closing whopper from the aforementioned expert on measles:

M- you can't start off by saying it is not viral related and move to that there may be a small chance. Science is not my God nor do I follow that things have to be done the way some man made up. It is good to listen to those who may no better, but they may not always be right and I pray to my God for guidance. THat is why I have chosen this way.

And the Darwin Award goes to......

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